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Starting from volume 8, the Didaktika Biologi has migrated to OJS 3 (https://ojs.um-palembang.ac.id/index.php/didaktikabiologi/index), while volumes 1-7 are published via OJS 2 (https:// Jurnal.um-palembang.ac.id/dikbio).

Didaktika Biologi: Jurnal Penelitian Pendidikan Biologi (Didaktika Biologi as a short name; Biology Didactics, in english) is a journal that contains scientific articles of research results in the field of biological education. Didaktika Biologi is for teachers, lecturers, students, researchers, and practitioners who concentrate and contribute in the field of biological education. Didaktika Biologi is published twice in a year; on March and September with seven articles for each edition. Didaktika Biologi is published by Universitas Muhammadiyah Palembang and managed by Biology Education Study Program. 

The focus of Didaktika Biologi is research result in the field of biological education and The scopes of Didaktika Biologi are as follows.

  1. Motivation, perception and profiles of educators and learners in learning process and biological learning
  2. Development and application of learning sources and media
  3. Design of biological learning
  4. Application of biological learning in schools (classroom action research and quasi experimental research)
  5. Evaluation of biology education
  6. Lesson study


Didaktika Biologi has Moved to OJS 3


The authors and readers of the Didaktika Biologi journal are informed that we has moved to OJS 3. Therefore, for new manuscripts, please send them to the new Didaktika Biologi journal address (https://ojs.um-palembang.ac.id/ index.php/didaktikabiologi/index). The old Didaktika Biologi journal web page (https://jurnal.um-palembang.ac.id/dikbio/index) can still be accessed to read articles volumes 1 to 7, while volumes 8 and so on can be read in the new OJS.

That is the information from us, we thank you for your cooperation.

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Vol. 8 No. 1 (2024): DIDAKTIKA BIOLOGI
Published: 2024-03-30
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